Sunday, March 20, 2011

And... done. For now.

Doodles and assignments from character design and life drawing.
That's it for part one, and today's posts. I've got a hell of a lot more to get up here before I'm even up to date though, so check back again this week for more. 
Until then,

Redesigns of 'Calvin & Hobbes' (copyright Bill Watterson) and 'Galaxy Trio' (copyright Hanna-Barbera).
RedCat is a design for an upcoming collaborative animation among my year, and actually belongs to me. 
So do the construction workers.
You can look, though.

More Still

Some life studies and mice designs for class

...Even More...

...And some more...

Art Flood Part #1

To start off with, I need to actually supply this page with some drawings; luckily, I'm backlogged with recent (and some old (and some ancient)) pieces, so I'm just gonna rain it all down at once. Enjoy