Monday, July 25, 2011

Look at this horse- Look at it.

What's that? Part of the horse is missing, you say? Look at the horse more closely; I think you'll see what I mean.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Film Still

So re-rendering out this film in this quality on my laptop is going to be an extensive endeavor... Anyway, here's a screencap just for fun.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Until the new stuff's up...

And one more angle on the Moom post-jump, I skipped over it earlier.
That's pretty much it for now though, until I finish some more of the pieces I'm currently working on. Hopefully I'll have a working render of my Intermission animation available soon, though I'll be working on my home set-up, which could delay things. RedCat animation still in progress, give it a few more weeks here, and besides those I have nice little illustrated piece I've been working on that should be done before next week. 

Blake doing a clean, and Ghostbuster Norman doing some blocked-out jumps.

The two-legged version doing some walk cycles.

Some tests of a one-legged rig jumping around.


All right. 3D stuff now. Here're some playblasts featuring Moom from the last few labs in Lee Gramling's CG class. Made in Maya.

And wrapping it up for 2D for now, here's the world's fastest blowfish.
A short gif of a character throwing a ball against a wall.

More More MORE!

Here we have a loop from last semester (unfinished, clearly) of a man in a top hat and a fox playing poker in a viking boat on the high seas, because that's what makes sense to me. Also, an animation of one of my very talented (seriously) colleagues plucking his nose hair, and last in the set is a short clip of fish love.

Some Animated Stuff

Finally some animations... tests... things. The hand drawn stuff is mostly from Scott Wright's class, some of it's based on film clips, others are just made from scratch. Unfortunately, I lost my VHS that had some of my other animations on it, so I'm only able to upload some of these things; it's a shame. Anyway, here's an octopus dancing like Groucho Marx!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Now All It Needs is the Animation

So here we have a sheet I made up to try and hook a composer for my first film idea this year, by means of snagging them with bright, shiny colors and funny birds. Also present are colored versions of the characters Slad and Mogey, a preliminary sketch sheet and finalized birthday present for my brother from a while back, a black and white version of a Lion's Flower dragon (to be colored and updated later), and lastly, some designs for my cousin who is currently trying to build an online strategy game with his friend that pits black-plague era mice against each other in the recession of humanity.
That's a mouthful...
Anyway, there's just the animation still to upload, and I'll try to get on that this week. The only real obstacle is Maya's refusal to render my short film with the proper mental ray settings; hopefully that will change, but we'll see. 
That's it for now.

Here's some highly-mostly rendered characters, and also Fluffy the Crab.

Felix, Groucho, Cybird, my last roommate as a llama, my first two chronic cartoon characters, and the rat bastard of the west. Also, an alien.

Monster-sketch Gallery! Also, one or two 'toony things for the hell of it!

Here're some older things that levels apparently ignored, for the most part. Been a long day of clean-up and watermarking, though; Maybe I'll have another go at them if I put them up on the portfolio site. Go Sebastian!