Saturday, June 4, 2011

Now All It Needs is the Animation

So here we have a sheet I made up to try and hook a composer for my first film idea this year, by means of snagging them with bright, shiny colors and funny birds. Also present are colored versions of the characters Slad and Mogey, a preliminary sketch sheet and finalized birthday present for my brother from a while back, a black and white version of a Lion's Flower dragon (to be colored and updated later), and lastly, some designs for my cousin who is currently trying to build an online strategy game with his friend that pits black-plague era mice against each other in the recession of humanity.
That's a mouthful...
Anyway, there's just the animation still to upload, and I'll try to get on that this week. The only real obstacle is Maya's refusal to render my short film with the proper mental ray settings; hopefully that will change, but we'll see. 
That's it for now.

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